Est  1948

C H O R E O G R A P H Y   C O M P E T I T I O N

Competition postponed for 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic

EVERYONE at Northern Dance Centre aged four years and over is welcome to enter; 

all you need to do is make up a dance! 

  • You can either perform it yourself or create a dance for someone else to perform. 
  • You can do a Solo, a Duet, a Trio or a Group Dance, and there are four age categories. 

Lots of trophies and medals to be won, and the overall winner will see their dance 

costumed professionally and performed at our next Show.

You don’t have to wear an expensive costume or lots of make up, you can dance in your regular class uniform 

or anything you like! Why not have a go? We would love to see your dances!

"The Northern Dance Centre Choreographic Competition celebrates creativity and imagination

 in aspiring young dancers, and offers children the opportunity to express themselves 

and develop their skills in the world of choreography"

AGE CATEGORIES     -     (1) Age 4-6    (2) Age 7-9    (3) Age 10-12    (4) Age 13+

TIME LIMITS FOR DANCES     -     Solo: 1.5 minutes     Duet: 2 minutes     Trio: 3 minutes    Group: 4 minutes

Competition is open to ALL Boys and Girls in the School

The Choreographic Competition encourages all forms of dance, and your piece can be one genre 

e.g. Ballet or Contemporary, or contain as many styles as you wish, e.g. a fusion of Tap / Hip-Hop


Once we receive your entry form & payment we will email you more details, rules & information