Est  1948

Tiny Acorns Pre-School Dance Classes

Classes for tiny dancers!

"From tiny Acorns great Oaks grow......."

Ballet, Tap & Streetdance

for boys and girls aged 18 months 

to 5 years, expertly taught to give children the very best start in dance 

that they can possibly have!

Tinies can come into the class with a grown up, this can be Mummy, Daddy or a Grandparent. 

Children soon find their dancing feet and once they can come into class by themselves you can still watch 

the class through the window! Fantastic structured classes to monitor progress.

Our Little Acorns classes are held at Craven Hall on Tuesday mornings:

11.00-11.30 Ballet

11.30-12.00 Tap

12.00-12.30 Streetdance

 Please call Steph to book your place on 07713 358084